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16 Miami Restaurants that offer breakfast all day long

With the word «egg» in the name, it’s borderline expected that breakfast will be the star of the menu. This all-day breakfast joint from the team behind the Butcher Shop does just that, serving up egg dishes like The Matador made with chorizo and eggs, alongside items like a box-filled brioche bun and chicken waffles.


Miami’s 13 Most Anticipated Restaurants & Bars, Spring 2019

A spin off The Butcher Shop, the new eatery will serve the restaurant’s most popular brunch dishes, as well as an assortment of new breakfast options, a coffee bar and plenty of grab-and-go options.


Sunny Side Up!

Could egg-centric menus ba an emerging rend? Two new places have opened their doors with a mission to do right by them, so you be the judge. Here’s what they have to offer.


Where to have Breakfast when you accidentally stay out all night

Downtown’s Egg Spot checks off just about all the traits we want in this kind of scenario; it’s relatively quiet and dim, and you order at the counter which means you won’t have to interact much with a server who’s about 300% more talkative than you can handle right now.